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Clarity Credit Management



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Clarity Credit Management is a debt purchasing company or debt collecting company listed in the website of





Name: Clarity Credit Management
Also Known As: Clarity Debt Collectors, etc.
Address: 2 Swan Court, Lamport NN6 9EZ
Fax: 01604 686000
Email: [user]@
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Clarity Credit Management

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Assuming that you are having to deal with Clarity Credit Management you will be acquainted with the methods that they use to get you to set up a direct debit or standing order in order to profit from people's ignorance of the law. You may have already experienced bad and terrifying experiences of them. They may call you on the phone at strange times and do so unacceptably often. They may write you official appearing sternly worded letters or cards threatening to send people round and collect the money in full or that they will take you to court. Their other tricks might include attempting an order for sale charge on your home or make you homeless.

Always deal with the debt collecting companies by post. Never give them any phone numbers. The problem is that in the first instance they will tell you they are calling from the bank and this will make you feel obliged to comply. They seek your uncertainty and bewilderment, so they want as much confusion as possible: here Clarity Credit Management will have the best outcome for them. When they get hold of your information they will use it to worry you and even to harass you. The law is there to prevent this sort of thing from happening but the problem is that most people just don't know what to do and it is all too apparent these debt purchasing companies know this and use it to their advantage. Public bodies such as the Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) or the Citizen's Advice Bureau are there to help out but all too often they are stretched to bursting so sometimes their advice is lacking in detail.

So ask Clarity Credit Management for a copy of the original contract when you took out your loan or credit card.





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